I’m lucky enought to be in Boston for LinuxWorld. Today was tutorial day, but it was somewhat scuppered by jet lag – arrived late and had to leave early because I was just falling asleep.

Boston transport is a bit strange – one thing that is driving me nuts is that they advertise a ‘Combo pass’ for $16.50, which covers all the public transport for a week, but none of the damn stations sell it, and they keep sending me on to the next one. So far no luck, hopefull tomorrow.

As for the actual underground, it’s a curious mix of underground trains roughly similar to the London underground, electric trams similar to other US and European cities, but underground, and the newest line, the Silver line, is an underground concrete road for an electric bus. All the lines are colour coded Green, Red, Orange, etc, and confusingly they go either Inbound, or Outbound, i.e. into the city centre or away from it (at least thats what I currently understand), which can be confusing if the geography of the place isn’t familiar.

One thing I alway forget about American metropolitan areas

there is always wireless!

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