Howto give a Web2.0 talk

I’m at the Carson Workshops Web2.0 Summit learning all about web2.0 goodness. One thing that’s become obvious is that there are certian rules to giving presentation to this kind of audience.

  1. Find yourself a funky font to use – not one that is hard to read, one that is clean and readable but non-standard
  2. Try to have as little text as possible on the slide – you are the best if you have just one word on the page.
  3. Either put your single words centered on a white background or find relevant metaphorical photos to use as a slide background and stick the text in the corners.
  4. If you absolutely have to have slides with more than one word on them use colour and different font weights to highlight words (so the slide is really about that smaller collection of words)

Just a note.

Update: Other alternatives for number 3; white text on a black background, or white text on coloured backgrounds (with a new colour for each theme in your talk).

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