Napsterize your Knowledge

Don’t just take it from me that shared ideas are more valuable – so say Ben McConnell and Jackie Huba of the Church of the Customer Blog

The primary lesson: The more that a company shares its knowledge, the more valuable it becomes.

Companies that share their intellectual property and business processes with customers and partners are more likely to have their knowledge (or products) passed along to prospective customers. People tend to evangelize products and services they love, admire or find valuable, so Napsterizing one’s knowledge allows for the grassroots effect of distributed marketing. The network is the channel.

Companies that Napsterize their knowledge in the marketplace also tend to have the marketplace respond with help and improvements to its intellectual capital.

from the article Napsterize your Knowledge (see BugMeNot for a pass).

Saw this quote in the Getting Real book and had to get it in here.

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