I hate Planet Advocacy

The thing I hate about Planet Advocacy is that my blog posts look considerably nicer than on my hastily (not)designed blog. Of course the nonsense I write reads just the same on both.

Thinking this made me realise that I haven’t actually looked the design of most of the sites in my blogroll because I read them in an aggregator – I use planet (with it’s own lack of nice design). It’s kind of wierd to go back and look at how they have or haven’t changed.

I wonder how this might change my perception of the content – I haven’t read Malcolm Gladwell’s Blink (yet – keen observers will notice him in my blogroll though) but I know one of the premises is that we all make our minds up about people, products, etc, in an instant, based on a number of factors including how we or the product look. So I wonder if and how people react differently to the same text or idea based on the design of the site delivering it.

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