Send us your tutorials!

Just as a follow up to Ross’ reminder about the pending GUADEC 2007 CFP deadline.

One of the things we’ve talked about for GUADEC 2007 is a Gnome Love day focusing on all the different ways that someone could contribute to GNOME – providing tutorials for beginners, regulars and experts (although with the emphasis on beginners). Tutorials could be as simple as a half hour on a focused topic, and hour for more general, a half day or if you’re feeling brave a whole day.

Off the top of my head it would be great to see things like;

  • writing your first GNOME app / applet (great to get tutorials in a range of languages).
  • Using Glade / gtk+ / gnome libraries for UI building
  • Beginners guide to UI design and practical use of the HIG
  • UI testing
  • Overview of the GNOME technology stack (how all the pieces like gtk+, pango, gnome-vfs, gconf, cairo, dbus, hal, gstreamer, X, compiz, etc, etc all fit together).
  • Tutorials on any one or relevant combinations of the pieces.
  • Performance tuning and optimisation
  • Integrating with databases
  • How to write documentation (linguistic / pedagogic approach)
  • How to use documentation tools (Docbook etc)
  • Bugsquad tutorial
  • How to create Icons, Themes, etc (Tango tutorial?)
  • Working with web API’s (RESTian, XML-RPC, SOAP)
  • Sys admin of GNOME desktops – how to deploy and manage 100+ desktops.

This list is not meant to be comprehensive or exhaustive so feel free to leave suggestions in the comments. Of course don’t be discouraged if you’re thinking of submitting a paper that isn’t a tutorial we need plenty of those too so GNOME dudes,get submitting.

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