Yesterday I gave a talk for the fine folks at Birmingham BCS about VOIP – slides available hereJono did the initial development of the presentation so the good bits are down to him – although we both tend to use the slides for prompts and they are probably not great without us to talk in front of them.

Anyway it was fun and there were plenty of good questions and my demo actually worked – I had trixbox running inVMware workstation connected to a couple of phones and then had my laptop connected to sipgate via GPRS on my N80. Workstation seems to cause some latency on the network, not sure what’s up with that, but it was good enough to demo – people could phone in, get the IVR, get through to one of the phones on the desk, leave voicemail, etc.

I thought it was a great demo of what’s possible when you decouple your phone number and PBX from particular sets of physical wires. To be fair, most to the interest was in real world issues of functionality, stability, support, etc, rather than my hacked up mobile PBX. I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again: asterisk and trixbox – you guys rock.

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