40% market share!

Asustek are predicting a 40% market share for the Linux desktop on their EeePC line. Nice! I’d be interested to know what the actual sales figures are in 3,6, and 12 months, and also how that figure compares to sales of Dell, HP, and Lenovo Linux machines (my guess: it’s much higher).

Aside: Sadly I think you probably have the ‘counting Linux installations’ problem in reverse here. I fear that a proportion of the Linux machines sold will have a (probably illegal) copy of XP installed.

Aside2: Is it just me, or is it weird that they are planning to sell a machine with an OS whose end of life is only months away? I know Microsoft will support XP until 2014, but it still seems weird.

My brother in law picked up an EeePc before christmas, after trying several stores because everywhere was out of stock – a little birdie told be that the main UK distributor has 10,000+ on back order, and cant get stock into the UK quick enough.

In some ways the EeePc made me think of the ZX Spectrum. Like the Spectrum the EeePc is wrong in so many ways (screen, keyboard, and storage are bit too small) but it’s an open playing field for hardware and software hacks, and the price point is just right. Plus, Asus are bringing out new models which will (supposedly) fix the issues with the first EeePc – now if they can just get the next two attempts utterly wrong (Spectrum+, and 128K+) and then sell out to Amstrad, then we’re onto something.

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