Jobs on the Moblin team

We’re looking for some smart people to join the Moblin team and help develop our little mobile Linux platform.

First up we have a position for a recent college graduate (Intel code for; you left University sometime in the last 18 months) to help us build the Moblin user experience. We looking for someone who has shown an ability to work productively within open source projects, and has a familiarity with common development tools such as C, C++, autotools, git, etc. For more details see the formal job description for Open Source Software Engineer – 569533

We also have two positions in a new team that will be building up our developer tools, documentations, SDK, etc. Here we’re looking for people with much more experience of open source projects (preferably experience as a maintainer, but not a hard requirement) and in depth knowledge of 2 or more of C, C++, or Java, plus the usual autools, git, svn, etc. Plus any experience creating developer tools or writing documentation will be a bonus. Again you can get more details from the job descriptions at Developer Tools Engineer – 568745 and Software Engineer – 568340

Any questions please feel free to ping me at pgc at the domain name of this blog (consider this the first initiative / turing test of the interview process 😉

Update: I should have made clear that all of these positions are based at our London office, and for now we’re not able to consider candidates working remotely, nor sadly do we have any relocation budget.

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