I’ll remember you til the day I die

Coming to the end of a pretty rough week. Sadly my brother Theo passed away on Saturday night peacefully and without pain. Theo had been recovering successfully from colon cancer operation last year – last week he felt a little weak and tired and was persuaded to visit a doctor. By the time myself and our dad had got up to Middlesbrough on Friday the doctor had to give us the bad news that the cancer was aggressively spreading through his body and the prognosis was that he had only days to live.

Obviously this was a shock to all of us but Theo was amazingly brave and calm about the situation and handled it all in his usual ‘no fuss’ way – I can but hope that when my time comes I muster half the courage and grace of my brother. Thankfully over friday and saturday all the family and most of his close friends were able to visit and spend some time with him. I’m sorry that due to the suddenness of the situation we were not able to get hold of everyone and give them some time to visit.

In keeping with Theo’s wishes we’ll be having a ‘no fuss’ internment at the Linthorpe Woodland Cemetery on Friday 15th June at 2.30pm. Any of Theo’s friends are welcome and I think Theo would have preferred you to wear bright colours (for example team shirts) rather than black suits. We’d kindly ask for people not to send flowers and instead, if they wish, to contribute to the Macmillan Nurses who were a tremendous help to us and Theo. Please send cheques made payable to ‘Palliative Care Trust Fund’ to

Noeleen Hunter
Macmillan Nurse
The James Cook University Hospital
Marton Road

Aside for folks on Planet Gnome – I’m sorry if I’ve dropped some GUADEC stuff over the last week. This was, in the first instance, down to my stupidity in forgetting my power supply in the rush up to MIddlesbrough, and not being able to pass stuff cleanly to Bastien and Thos. My thanks to those guys and others for picking up the slack and keeping things running. Please continue to pester us if there is stuff we’ve mislaid.

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