More GUADEC waffle

Some more random updates from your favourite Gnome related conference;

  • In case you missed it; Registration is open – book your place now! We have to start ordering schwag soon so if you’re not registered we can’t guarantee we’ll have enough to go round. Don’t delay, register today!
  • We still looking for volunteers to help with the recording / transcoding / archiving of each session. Aidan Delany if braveley stepping up to the mantle of organising this group of volunteers
  • We also need lots of volunteers to help keep GUADEC ticking – there’s plenty of great people on the list – why not sign up now?
  • It appears that we will be having another Football Tournament with the most skilled footballing hackers in the world doing battle on Aston’s finest astroturf.
  • Following some clarification from the Etap hotel (which seems to be everyones favourite including ours) you probably only want to share 3 to a room if you are really good friends since most rooms are a double bed and a single bed. Double check when you book.
  • As others have blogged we had a good meeting at the venue on the 2nd June. Aidan did a good job obsessively taking photo’s through the day and I finally got round to uploading the all to Flickr. At some point I will get round to annotating them a little better.
  • I knew I’d regret lending the camera to Jono and Aq – not because they’d do any damage, but because they’d end up doing something so cool: Check out the LRL adverts, The Freedom March and Don’t Listen Alone. Script, Direction, Production 8/10. Acting 6/10. Mark my words – these guys will be running the country before long (which will be both amusing and scary).
  • I should also point out that the State of the Map conference happens just up the road in Manchester on the 14th and 15th July. If you’re getting to Birmingham or the UK early for GUADEC then why not jump on a train or bus and find out the cool happenings in Open Streetmapping. I know a bunch of those guys will be piling down to GUADEC and there’s even talk of having a mapping party.

I’m sure there’s something I’m forgetting but whatever it is I’ll just leave it for another time.

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