FUD is good for you

Linspire (nee Lindows) the company that changed it’s name after and out of court settlement with Microsoft is now best friends with the folks from Redmond

I’m definately coming round to Don Marti’s line of thinking in FUD is good for you.

FUD is great, isn’t it? Drive away the FUD-susceptible customers, and all of a sudden Support is doing a better job, the product is getting better because “better” customers are using and talking about it, and I’m just getting started.

In the same vein it seems Microsoft is doing us all a favour and picking off all the weak also rans of the distribution market and herding FUD fearing sheep like customers their way. Wonder what will happen with the ClickNRun on Ubuntu deal now – to this point there hasn’t been anything that’s taken the shine off the big U, but too much cuddling up with Linspire could start to tarnish? (not sure how you tarnish something that is already brown and orange, but still…)

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